Eyebrow  - $18

Chin   - $15

Upper Lip - $15

Side Burns - $18


Combine any 3 of the 4 Combo (eyebrow, chin, upper, lip, sideburns) - $39


Full Face   - $45

Neck Wax - $20

Back Wax  - $55 *(see below)

Chest Wax - $30

Full arm  - $65

Under arm - $22

Forearm  - $32

Full leg  - $65

Extended Bikini line - $38

Lower Leg - $40

Brazilian - $45

Bikini - $22


​Waxing Hair Removal

* All waxing services are starting prices depending on time and amount of wax use.


* Please make sure to let us know if you are using doctor prescribed, skin care products or taking medications, so we can check for contraindications.

Your Total Relaxation Destination

Discover for Yourself!



Welcome  to a Touch of Wellness!  Located inside the luxurious, Touch of Class building, where fashion and health have joined together to create “The Extra Touch”.


Touch of Wellness wants to help you escape from the ordinary and experience true self-indulgence.


Our rejuvenating treatments are designed to refresh, relax and reduce the worries of life, bringing balance to mind, body and spirit.




Utilizing products from the prestigious Aveda body care brand,  A Touch of Wellness will offer treatments that create a total sensory experience, designed to enhance overall well-being.  Pure plant and flower essences are part of the complete pampering experience.




“The stresses we all face on a day-to-day basis accumulate over time.  The results can be minor or devastating.  It truly pays to take the time for self care.”

Joanne Burke, Owner



Enjoy the “New Happy Hour”, while allowing Joanne’s dedicated team to provide rejuvenating treatments designed to refresh, relax and restore.  Happy Hour at the Spa, can it get any better!


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